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Art and Design College Admissions

We have specialized teachers for such various fields as fine art, interactive design, fashion design, architecture, interior design, animation, etc. NYART is here to help you create a unique and ambitious portfolio for art school admissions.

Acceptance with Scholarships

Our unbeatable student record demonstrates acceptances to top schools like Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, MICA, Cooper Union, RISD, Pratt, Parsons, SVA, and many more, often times entailing scholarships as well!

The Location

As the epitome of art, fashion, and culture, NYC is the place to be to study art and design. Take your first step as an artist/designer with NYART in the heart of Manhattan.

Most Qualified Faculty

NYART’s faculty members are from prestigious art schools, such as Yale, Harvard and Columbia, and are currently established artists/designers in New York City. Their distinctive teaching methods have proven to bring the best result to students.


CORNEL, COOPER UNIONFull Scholarship, PRATTScholarship $18,000, SYRACUSE, RPI

Being part of the architecture program at New York Art Studio has been one of the smartest choices I made towards my academic goals: being accepted to the top architecture schools in the county.


Accepted to RISD, PRATT and SVA

“I can sincerely say that if you choose NYART studio you’ll not only have gained new skills but new inspirations as well.”


PARSONS—Scholarship Acceptance

“Without their help, I would be no where near going to one of the most prominent institutions for fashion design in such a short time.”

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