Admission Management Plan


Total care program for all procedures and requirements for admission upon completion of the portfolio.

  • Application process assistance
  • Professional portfolio photoshoot (up to 20 art works)
  • Selection of art work and its arrangement for portfolio
  • Slideroom upload assistance
  • Portfolio digital formatting
  • Essay/SOP revision (500-750 words)
  • NYART’s transcript submitted upon request
  • Recommendation letters (ask our faculty directly)
  • Preparation for college/graduate school interviews
  • WES Application Assistance
  • Report of test results (IBT/IELTS) to each school applied
  • Info Sessions by major art schools’ admission officers (summer camp applicants only)
  • All communications with college from submission to troubleshooting to decision notice

NYART’s Admission Management Plan handles all the complicated steps in applying to Art and Design Schools and Universities around the world. We help students prepare every aspect of the portfolio application process, offering follow-up support even after the submission!

NYART stays up-to-date by maintaining direct contact with schools annually. We manage each student’s application from beginning to end, from choosing schools, compiling application materials, to providing post-submission follow-ups for the successful admissions process until you set your foot in school. All the necessary communications in the application process are included in NYART’s Total Admission Management Plan to help relieve students and parents of all the burdens that may come from time-consuming college applications.

1. Consultation

NYART helps a student select reach, safety and match schools based on the major, interests and personal preferences.

2. Compiling Materials

We put together everything the student needs for an application, including TOEFL scores, financial aid info, transcript, recommendation letters, etc.

3. Writing

Many schools require an artist statement, and often, additional essays. NYART provides pinpoint guidelines, tips and strategies, reviews and revises the writings before submission.

4. IBT/TOEFL Score Report and WES conversion

NYART submits IBT/TOEFL results to each school and handles WES* conversions.

*WES provides certified conversion of student’s Grade Point Average (GPA) between countries.

5. Photography

NYART offers professional photoshoot to document the portfolio (up to 20 art works)

6. Digital Retouching

We help the student choose the best version of the images and offer digital retouching for the best presentation.

7. Slideroom Upload

NYART formats the images and uploads each image to Slideroom following school-specific portfolio image requirements.

8. Admission Counseling

Admission Representatives from major art schools visit NYART to speak with students and offer portfolio reviews and information sessions.
(*applies to Summer Camp only)

9. Mailing and Submission

NYART double-checks and submits online and physical applications on behalf.

10. Coaching

NYART helps the student ace interviews with mock-up questions and proven strategies.

11. After Acceptance

Follow-ups are often required to successfully complete the admission process. NYART handles all communications with the admission office to ensure there aren’t any errors.