Art Classes for All Ages


NYART’s All Ages Art Program trains students of all ages in art and design by providing one-on-one instruction, taught by our diverse group of internationally recognized faculty and staff. The objective of this program is to provide an inspiring learning environment for all ages, regardless of the level of experience. Through the All Ages Art Program, students can acquaint themselves with the foundational skills and/or further strengthen and develop their techniques and skills.

Our classes are year-round and accept students on a rolling basis.


Our Adult Art Class NYC encompasses an extensive spectrum of topics designed to meet the needs of novice, intermediate and advanced students. In an intimate studio environment, the NYART Adult Class invigorates students to discover their artistic and creative potential to the fullest.

Adult Students work one-on-one with NYART instructors to create portfolios to apply to art schools and jobs, start new artistic practice/hobbies, or work on specific, personal projects. The course subjects cover traditional drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, new media and more that encourage creative and critical thinking in art making. Students can automatically absorb knowledge in art history and contemporary art down the line by exposing themselves to the focused studio practice.

NYART classes are personalized for students on any levels, helping them build foundation skills, and/or a portfolio for personal needs in the future. With one on one personalized instruction from NYART’s versatile staff, the class strives to foster individual artistic development, enhance technical skills, help discover creative potential and encourage self-expression!


Understanding the basic visual languages of perspective, composition, structure
Drawing (Still Life, Portrait, Figure)
Painting (Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil)
Mixed Media

txt_red Drawing Class

Adult Art Class trains students how to draw in an assortment of mediums and techniques. The class is individually tailored to the specific needs of students of all levels of education, experience, and artistic training. From the absolute beginner to the intermediate artist, NYART’s Adult Art Drawing has its door open for everyone with different interests and needs. The class covers various approaches in drawing over a long course of art history: line, still life, portrait, landscape, modern techniques, etc.

txt_red Painting Class

Adult Painting Class familiarize students with various painting mediums, such as acrylic and watercolors. From the beginner to the advanced, the class curricula may be adjusted to accommodate every student’s unique objectives. From uncovering the mystery of colors (color theory), to composing your vision on canvas (composition and structure!) to advanced, modern application of painting methods (new media and more), the class aims to equip students with fundamentals, while challenging them to break out of the box.

txt_red Mixed Media Class

The Mixed Media class is an all the more fun and invigorating course in which students explore a variety of mediums, working methods and styles to create works that generate multifaceted conversations. The course combines traditional and experimental approaches to image making that touch on a long span of modern art history. With our instructors’ creative push, the class inspires students to be more challenging and risk-taking in both execution and conceptualization of art making.

txt_red Fashion Illustration Class

The class focuses on how to illustrate garments on figures in fashion design. This class is designed to refine students’ fashion illustration skills, including but not limited to construction of coherence in style and concept and creation of unique, individual patterns and styles.

txt_red Design Class

The class focuses on design theories and methodology. Students will learn the basics of design and how to apply them in practice with their own creative twist. The class will stress issues in designing space, 2d and/or 3d, and integrating ideas into products for effective communication. Some of key concepts the course cover are: colors, graphic identity, branding, etc.

txt_red Private Lessons

NYART provides Private Lessons for adults. During the whole duration of the lesson, a student will work with our instructor, one-on-one and in a focused and attentive environment. The lessons cover all genres of art and are scheduled at the student’s convenience. Contact us for further information.


NYART’s Children/Teen Art Class educates young artists with advanced commitment and interests in art. Children/Teen Art Class promotes artistic growth in young artists through experimental and expressive classes. Catered to each student’s skill level and interests, the class brings out the fullest potential and artistic creativity from the students at early age.


Children’s Art Class

  • Building comfort with new materials
  • Overcoming fear of taking risks in creative activities
  • Developing hand-eye coordination
  • All of the above while having fun!
  • Individualized one-on-one lessons for those with serious interest in art at young ages
  • 12 classes / 12 weeks
  • 24 classes / 12 weeks
  • 36 classes / 12 weeks

Teen Art Class

  • Students of any levels and artistic experience are welcome
  • Build art foundations and artworks for future school applications or other personal applications.
  • One-on-one instruction with our art teachers
  • 12 classes / 12 wks
  • 24 classes / 12 wks
  • 36 classes / 12 wks
  • 48 classes / 12 wks