How We Do It

From a dream to a reality, we will lead you through step-by-step.

Well begun is half done. NYART will look at your talents, skills, interests, strengths and weaknesses, based on a one-on-one consultation with experienced admissions counselors.

NYART will review your high school transcript, SAT and/or English proficiency test scores, and everything else that affects your application. After the evaluation, we will work out the best plan for your admissions.

We are in the know. With a wide range of database on prestigious art schools and programs, NYART will help you set specific school goals that match your interests.

NYART will come up with a list of projects for effective and constructive preparation according to your target program’s admission requirement.

With our outstanding faculty with years of teaching experience, NYART will work with you from start to finish to help develop a creative, one-of-a-kind, and innovative portfolio. You will not only gain and strengthen artistic skills and techniques, but also constantly push yourself for creative ways of thinking.

NYART monitors your progress frequently to weed out any weak components to make sure your portfolio is strong and cohesive. With professional knowledge in current art trends and art school admissions procedures, the team is always open and ready to provide any critiques whenever possible. For any supplementary requirements, such as home tests, we will keep track of them, as well.

NYART will help select the strongest pieces that best represent you. We offer professional photo shoot services just for your works, and the documented photos will be digitally formatted for submission.