Summer Portfolio Intensive


Summer Camp Exclusive Activities :

– Info sessions by current art school admissions advisors

– Art school campus tours in NYC

– Museum and gallery field trips

– Essay and SOP workshops

– School application workshops

– Outdoor sketch sessions and more!

art school info session

school visit to Parsons

portfolio review with a school rep

museum visit

mini drawing session in museum

NYART’s Summer Portfolio Intensive Program is great for students who hope to finish their art school portfolio preparation during 8 weeks to 12 weeks of summer. The students benefit from every aspect of the short-term intensity of the program for their portfolio preparation.

With our one-on-one mentoring and support system, students will develop distinctive portfolios and be encouraged to aim beyond acceptance to their dream schools for scholarships.

This program is especially popular with international and out-of-state students, and just about anyone, who wish to secure admission to top art and design schools and to immerse themselves in unique cultural experiences of NYC.

01 Consultation

 A one-to-one in-depth consultation that takes into account all the aspects of your situation
Detailed guidelines and a concrete plan for art school admissions with more than 15 years of knowledge

02 Special Events

– 1:1 portfolio review with admissions representatives from art schools
– Various field trips to and activities at art schools, museums and galleries
– Application and essay workshops for art school admissions process

03 Portfolio

Students at all levels are welcome!
– For freshman, transfer, graduate, and art high school admissions, as well as career portfolios
– 6 days / week and 8 hours / day
– Personalized class schedule available

04 Result

– Unique portfolio ready to be submitted
– Strong portfolio with a better chance at scholarships
– Gear yourself up with solid art and design foundations in advance

Summer Camp Benefit Highlights

Get off on the right foot in art college preparation through studio portfolio classes AND special activities!

The most cost-effective program with the lowest tuition rate per hour!

International or out-of-state students may save on living costs, staying only short-term in NYC while taking full advantage of our portfolio prep course!

Short-term Time Efficiency

Accurate Guidelines

Acceptance with

School Info Sessions + Special Activities

1:1 Mentoring System

A 9:30 am – 1:30 pm
B 11:30 am – 3:30 pm
A 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm
B 4:00pm – 8:00pm
4 WEEKS 48 classes / $4,080
– 6 days / wk
* regular rate  $4,560  $480 OFF
8 WEEKS 96 classes / $7,680
– 6 days / wk
* regular rate  $8,832  $1,152 OFF
12 WEEKS 144 classes / $10,940
– 6 days / wk
* regular rate  $12,100  $1,160 OFF

Customized schedule available. For more information on the class schedule and tuition, contact us at 212-279-1622 or via email.