Online Class


For Those Who…

✔ wish to prepare a portfolio in New York City but are worried about living costs
✔ always wanted to study art but are too busy to squeeze in the time
✔ feel their portfolio is weak and need some improvement
✔ are worried if their portfolio is strong and competitive enough
✔ would like to take one-on-one lessons with established designers and artists in New York
✔ have been hesitant about starting on their portfolio prep because of high tuition


✔ No need to worry about extra living– stay where you are but still study virtually in New York!
✔ Personalized lessons and schedule catered to your needs
✔ One-on-one thorough instruction + email support 24/7 for smooth communication
✔ Effective results and a high satisfaction rate
✔ Efficient time allocation– no need to stay in one sitting for 8 hours
✔ Continuous management: session review provided after each session


From A to Z, NYART’s Online Course covers detailed directions and coaching for  the thorough and effective preparation of your application. Our instructors hold degrees from top art schools or ivy leagues and are actively engaged in New York art and design scenes. After we review each student’s skill set, interest and objectives, we will assign an instructor suitable and ideal just for the student. The student can communicate with the instructor anytime via email. In addition, the instructor will communicate directly and share information on key schools and majors whenever it’s necessary.

No extra living costs necessary
and get the same, quality prep lesson

On-point, targeted guidelines for your admissions

1:1 lessons by top art school/university graduates

The perfect combination:
Admissions management services for acceptance with a scholarship

  • 1 hr / class
  • Class schedule is customized. for details, please contact us.
  • For tuition info, please contact us.

txt_red OTHER TIPS

NYART manages individual students’ admissions, aside from their portfolio itself, so that every student can successfully segue into their top-choice art school. New majors are being created every day in line with the fast technological needs of the modern society. New media-focused majors usually give more job opportunities and OPT(Optional Practical Training) period that is twice as long as that of other majors’. NYART helps you get with the upcoming trends for your prospective artistic career.

Key Majors

❐  Fine Arts
❐  Graphic Design
❐  Communication Design
❐  Advertising
❐  Industrial Design
❐  Product Design
❐  Toy design
❐  Illustration

Trending Majors

❐  Motion Graphic
❐  Interactive Design
Strategy Design
❐  Branding