Private Lessons

This is the most efficient and effective program out of all our portfolio preparation programs.

With this 1:1 private lesson option, a student will be working with our whole team of instructors to make the most dynamic portfolio specifically designed for the student’s top choice schools.

This program is fit for a student who wants the best possible, most personally catered portfolio preparation to secure admissions to best possible art schools with high chances of scholarships. (Scholarships may depend on the student’s academic grade performance.)

Private Lessons: Program Overview
  • Portfolio completion possible within 4 weeks!
  • Most recommended program for anyone who wishes to make a high-quality portfolio within 4 months or shorter
  • Specialized one-on-one private instruction with instructors from the nation’s top art schools/Ivy Leagues plus 24-hr email support
  • Time-efficient (minimum time commitment compared to regular classes)
  • Ideal for out-of-town/international students–safest, quickest way to finish extremely high-quality portfolio (reduced living costs due to time efficiency of the program)
  • Access to studio during business hours for self-study
  • contact us for tuition info.
  • Payment plans available–please inquire.

  • Customized class duration & schedule
  • Course duration depends largely on student needs

txt_red One-on-One Instruction with Care

Development of concepts and creativity is vital for a good-quality portfolio. A Private Lessons student will have a detailed consultation on the student’s skill  level and desired major/school to work out the best preparation plan. Each teacher in their own specialized area will manage student’s progress and come together with other teachers to deliver the best possible outcome for the student.

txt_red All Experience Levels Welcome

And that means all beginners are welcome! Many of our previous Private Lessons students were non-art major students who had no previous experience in art but long interest in art. With our private lesson instruction, the students were admitted to their desired schools and even received scholarships.

NYART’s team of teachers and staff will work to bring out the inherent artistic potential in each student, so that those with less artistic experience will be able to discover their hidden creativity to their advantage to create a unique and individualized portfolios.

txt_red Specialized Teaching Instruction

A Private Lesson Portfolio Prep student will receive ongoing support from NYART’s instructors. Personalized scheduling gives the student one-on-one time with each specialized teacher so that the student can make dynamic and well-rounded progress. This intensive class time with each teacher will also allow the student to receive personalized mentorship from all teachers.

txt_red Studio Access

For the best possible outcome of portfolio prep, a student must put in time and effort accordingly. To facilitate this, NYART’s Private Lesssons students may use studio facilities anytime during business hours for self-study. Aside from regular lesson hours, the students may also take some supplementary self-studio time to be really engaged with own art making.